Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Her

Looking at yesterday's post, I had a revelation, I am my mother.
A decade ago, this revelation would have made me ill. As I said before, I was a major turd growing up. (A real pain in the a@#.)
As I reread the song that I typed, the song she sang to me, I thought about all the way in which we are similar.

Her Me
-she is a voracious reader-- me too
-she is opinionated-- me too
-she loves Target-- me too
-she underestimates herself-- me too
-she knows every song from the 50's and 60's-- me too
-she laughs really loudly-- me too
-she is stubborn-- me too
-she is cheap, no frugal-- me too
-she thinks she is always right-- me too
-she can hold a grudge-- me too
-she holds a black belt in silent warfare-- me too
-she prefers baking to cooking ---me too
-she shows her love through service --me too

In many ways, after my husband, she is my best friend. She knows me so well and could probably predict how I would respond to most things.
I like to shock her and make her think I am wild child and a bit crazy.
In college when she asked me about my weekend plans, I would respond by saying "I am going to turn tricks on the corner, knock over a liquor store, get really wasted, then get some tatts on my arms."
-She did not think I was funny or charming when I said that.
In other ways we are really different too.
She is a good listener---I am not.
She will let me ramble on about the most assinine stuff without ever interrupting.
She always lets me hang up the phone whenever I get tired of talking without getting mad.
She never says I told you so.
She lets me pick the radio and t.v. stations.
She will eat raw fish at Whole Foods unknowingly because I ask her to try it.

Overall, she is pretty fantastic. She has more strength and courage than she shows or gives herself credit for. She does not recognize her grace or her virtue.

It is from her I learned discipline.
It is because of her that I am who I am today.
It is because of her strength that I have never laid down, and let life beat me.
It is because of her that I am a fighter.

I guess if I had to be like her--well, its not that terrible.


Anonymous said...

i hope your mom reads your blog. if not, please share this with her. And, did you ever share the one you wrote about your dad?

Rochelle said...

I agree with Denise. I think I mentioned it before that life's too short -show them this and you will not regret it.

Heather said...

I'm my mother too...and she is my nana. It is interesting to see the way we turn out when we grow up!