Sunday, October 14, 2012

I don't really care what you have to say

99.9% of the things I say on this blog are positive and funny, but we need to get serious for a moment. Ya'll down with that? I have a little bit of a rant that I cannot keep in today.

This is election season, and I am following everything closely. I don't know you, and I don't know where you stand, if you are red or blue, or even green. Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, or a political atheist.

I will tell you right now where I stand. Barack Obama is not my hero, idol, or savior. Neither is Mitt Romney.  Neither of those two men are going to fix this country in four or eight years. I fear that we have become so divided, that we are ungovernable. Every morning during my quiet time, I pray for this country. I pray that we find peace, that we can find something to unite us, and that  we can somehow restore ourselves.

I do know that it is scary where we are financially  and morally. It scares me that so many of us have forgotten  what it means to be self sufficient and what it is like to put in a hard days labor. Scratch that....I should say many of us have forgotten what it means to put in a fully days work. Many of us sit at a computer, in a cube, typing away in an air conditioned building with our lunch in the fridge and filtered water in the kitchen. For many of us, and I include myself in this, we don't do back breaking labor, and we find any excuse we can to complain about our boss, job, or coworkers. Again, I am including myself in all of this, I am in no way blameless.

I worry about us as a country, that we have lost our way. I worry that we have become to comfortable. I worry that we have gotten used to sitting behind a screen and typing or twittering away every thought that comes into our minds, especially when we start criticizing the superficial aspects of the candidates.

Last week during the vice presidential debate, I found myself getting angry by the responses of everyone on twitter, especially celebrities. Just because someone was in a movie 10 years ago, and has a few hundred followers, and they spout their mouths off and it gets repeated on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. Who gives a flying flip what Rosanne Barr has to say about politics? Is any ignorant statement someone says going to sway me, absolutely not. Because they have some small platform, these people in Hollywood say, tweet, or go on one of the 24 hour news channels and gives them a voice. It makes me so mad. Who cares, who cares, who freakin' cares, especially when they are simply repeating sound bites that they have heard. And by giving them a big voice, it legitimizes them, even if they don't deserve it.

In this very serious time, I want to ask, implore, and beg my fellow Americans to not base a decision upon things that you hear in passing. Do the homework, do the research, and dig into the issues for yourself, and make the decision for yourself. Whatever you chose, simply think for yourself, please?

High horse, I'm off. Rant has been ranted. Soap box, unsoapy?

I would really like to hear from you guys about this. What do you think? Where are you in this?


Lena said...


Heather said...

I totally agree on the country being divided, unfortunately. I don't think I have much faith in the government anymore, because there is too much money (on both sides) to make decisions that actually benefit Americans.

Recently I have been thinking about whether it even makes a difference for me to vote if I'm red and live in a blue state, or blue and live in a red state, or if I live in any state other than Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

So what do I do? I continue trying to work harder on my own life, hope that I can gain some sort of self-reliance, learn to provide for myself and my family and live without what others find necessary. It isn't easy, but I hope that if we fall off the deep end here, my family will be ok.

Denise said...

what Heather says it so true. I will vote but am still undecided. I keep telling everyone that this is a very interesting election with great impact on our country - to be taken very seriously.

Brooke said...

i've researched enough that i'm not even sure i'm going to vote this election. i'm saddened about where we are and fearful for where we are going. as heather said - on both sides there are powerful people looking out for their own interests not ours.

i'm considering a voting fast, spending the evening praying for God's grace & mercy for our country.

Laja said...

Off course you should vote! It is yourcivic duty! Doe you realize how many countries do not have the freedom to express their ideas, beliefs or desires! Our Creator has bless the United States of America. To continue to be blessed we must follow ourCreator's comandments. Look atthe D and R party platforms. See what they stand for then vote. It is your duty to participate in this process. Remember that evil or bad will prosper if good people do nothing. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!! VOTE

Daily Vacation said...

I will be voting, but with the electoral college, I feel that it won't matter anyway. However, I can vote, so I will. I don't discuss my politics much, because I believe what I believe and someone else believes something else and chances are that we will stick to what we believe no matter how many debates we have (and continue to think the other is a complete moron, of course). But I do vote, so there is a record of someone somewhere saying that they prefer one candidate over the other, even if it didn't really matter.