Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Juicing, Day 2

Kale sucks.
This is overpriced organic kale. It was terrible yesterday, its terrible today, and will be terrible forever. 
I don't like to eat kale. I don't like to drink kale. I hate kale. And in juice, kale is everywhere.

Kale has been and should always be a garnish, only. 

I may need to backtrack for a moment. My husband and I are currently doing a dextox where the only thing we consume is fruit and vegetable juice. We are doing a mix, making our own and purchasing some from a juice bar. (Could that sound any more pompous....juice bar). 

Today, Tuesday, marks the end of day 2 of the challenge. 

Today's menu
Breakfast: Orange, carrot, and celery juice, 8 oz. Homemade 
Snack: Orange, carrot, and celery juice, 8oz. Homemade
Lunch: Beet, kale, carrot, and parsley juice, 8oz. Juice Bar
Snack: None
Dinner: Orange, pineapple, and pear juice, 8oz. Homemade. 

Day 2 of the detox has been better than I thought, yet still difficult. This morning, it was extremely hard to wake up, I was just exhausted. Most mornings, I wake up quickly, and head straight to the gym. This morning, I could not even fathom getting out of bed, so I slept an extra hour and half. I also noticed that I was stiff, sore, and my joints were aching. I took a hot bath, and did some stretching, and felt a bit better. I called a friend on the way to work, and she thinks I am detoxing from sugar, because those are some tale tale detoxing signs. 

Around lunch, I found that I was really hungry. I broke into the beet juice, and that drink was rough. I ended up having to hold my breath and chug it as quickly as possible. It tasted terrible, but, it kept me full for the rest of the afternoon. 

Finally, around dinner time, my husband and I were both hungry, and craving something sweet, so we made our own pure fruit juice. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! By far, the best tasting juice of the day!

Over all, today was much easier than I expected it to be. I am finding that if I drink juice every two hours, I don't get hungry. I've had very few headache's like I thought I would. Plus, my cravings for processed foods has been waining. 2 days of no eating, and while I am not hungry, I have found that I miss the act of eating. I just want to chew something. 

If anything, thus far, this challenge has taught me how often I mindlessly snack, and give into my cravings. 

As far as my husband, yesterday he was having some pretty severe caffeine withdrawals. He was fighting some nausea and a terrible headache. Today, it has subsided just a bit, but he has been really strong and pushed through the pain. 

Overall, we are doing well. Day 3 is going to be tough because we have some pretty terrible juices waiting for us, so we will have to be pretty disciplined to get through it. I will report back tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I hope things get better soon! I do admire your discipline for not giving in and snacking. I too am a terrible snacker, something that I need to stop (not only for my waistline but my budget as well!)

Natalie @ Budget and the Bees said...

Wow! The detox you've been having sounds terrible. I'm sorry you don't like kale. Both my husband and I love it! I use it in a variety of ways, but our favorite is sauteed like spinach with a touch of balsamic vinegar at the end.

Brooke said...

this time of year? brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's so crazy to hear you're experiencing all that after one day! I would definitely be in your husband's boat. I drink a fair amount of caffeine daily, and it's partially because it keeps headaches (which I generally have up to 5x/week) away... I don't even want to think about what I'd feel like on a full day without a drop of caffeine. Anyway, good for you for sticking it out, can't wait for another update!

Denise said...

i'm with alyssa - me without caffiene would be so rough! I don't drink as much as it sounds however, I LOVE it and can't imagine not drinking it.

good work guys on not giving in...i'm sure the support of each other is helping. Are you craving anything in particular?