Thursday, February 12, 2009


I really like to organize. When you take something that is cluttered and out of sorts, and give everything a place, it feels so good. I am an elementary teacher, and as a teacher I have a lot of "stuff." There are a ton of small odds and ends that I have floating around my room all of the time. I have found that the best way to store these things is small baskets. Everything has a place in a shelf or in the closet.
If you have ever been around kids, you know they are not very organized, it is something that must be taught. Every Friday, my class and I do a classroom clean out. First we clean out the room and the desks. Then each student cleans out their backpack and throw out all of the junk that makes it in each week. Then we wipe down the desks, pick up trash, and wipe the boards down. It takes about 30 minutes each week, but it pays major divedends. First, the kids learn how to clean and organize their things. Second, the room is less cluttered which makes it a more peaceful environment. Finally, it sets the tone for the next week. The kids come in and everything is in its place, and ready for them on Monday.
That is the same way I feel about my home. When everything is in place, and put away, the house feels more peaceful and calm. At times, the clutter seems to make the house scream and become so much more loud. But, when things are clean and put away, it seems like we are at peace and rest is much easier to achieve.
I like to organize!!!

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