Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New York, New York

I worked from home today! I was working on a project for school and my Principal gave me the day off to finish, so it was great being at home all day on a week day!! I woke up at 5 A.M, yes, the day that I can sleep in I actually wake up earlier than normal--awesome. Anyways, I was up and at it by 5:30 and I worked non stop and finished by 9!! AHH, pure relief.
Anyways, P played hookie from work to hang out with me, so we ate a big breakfast, did some laundry, visited the mother ship (target) and then rented a movie.
We watched Phelm 123. The movie was simply alright. There was a ton of cussing and that really turns me off.
The part that I really liked was seeing New York city in the background. I have never been to New York city, and I am longing to go. I want to see it all. I want to experience the rush of New York city. Seriously, when I see New York city in movies or on t.v., I just long to go there. The excitement, energy, history of it all just makes me dizzy thinking about it. I have read so many books and seen so many movies with the city as the backdrop, and I just want to go there.
But, alas, we wont be going very soon.
P and I are saving up to go skiing with friends in December. My bff's parents just built a vacation home in Maine, so P and I, along with my bff and her hubs will be flying out the day after Christmas to go skiing for a week. I have never been skiing, and I am super excited about going, yet still part of me can't help but long to go to New York. One day I will go, and it will be amazing, but for now, I get to eagerly await my winter escape!!!


Anonymous said...

never been either. I'd love to go someday though. It will probably be way to much for me but still.....

from fit girl : )

Simplelivin' said...

I only live a few hours away and have only been once. I found it extremely overwhelming and a little too busy for my taste. Have fun skiing!!! You should also try snowboarding, much better in my opinion :-)

savings said...

I adore NYC! I would live there in a heartbeat… sadly boyfriend refuses. Arg :-)