Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Week

One week from today I will have completed my 1st marathon. WOW! I cannot believe that it is so close. I am finding that I am getting more nervous the closer it gets, and the more I think about it. I never thought that I would ever, ever run a marathon, and now I am. I am also finding that I am getting worried about my training. Why didn't I train harder? Did I pick the right training program? Will my right calf start to hurt again? Why about the thing on the bottom of my foot, it now hurts every time I take a step, will I be able to push through the pain? Will I be able to move those last few miles? Will I even make it to those last few miles?

I need to trust my training. I need to trust that I put in the time and effort. I need to remember that I am prepared for this. I have been training since August. I have skipped only 2 runs this entire time, I can do this. Uhhh I am nervous!!!


Anonymous said...

yes, you can do it! stay at your pace in the beginning. don't give into the temptation to run fast. drink and refuel. hopefully you trained to do that. MOST OF ALL - HAVE FUN! enjoy it. You will be so proud of yourself when you cross that finish line.

Simplelivin' said...

Good luck! You can totally do it! It's only 26.2 miles :-) Just think about the adrenaline rush you're gonna get! You're gonna have so much fun and just think of running across that finish line!