Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The perfect pair

My main man these days while my husband is out of town. He is awesome! He is my perfect dog. He plays, he sleeps in my bed, and keeps me company when no one is around.

The best thing about him--he loves to run!!

He is the perfect running partner for me.

He never gets tired.

He is faster than me.

He never makes me feel bad about skipping a run(as if he could???).

He is always happy to run.

He understands when I need to run more than once a day.

He is just happy to be on the leash.Pretty much- he is the perfect running partner for me!


Anonymous said...

seriously? I've been meaning to post the exact same sentiments! How far do you take him?

Rochelle said...

Haha! My husband said our next dog has to be able to run with him. The chihuahua just can't cut it!

Brooke said...

sounds like a fun running buddy!