Thursday, June 16, 2011

Them vs. Me

We have been here in Dallas for 2 weeks now. The Big D!

I am adjusting and applying for jobs. Everything is unpacked and put in its place!! We spent last Saturday cleaning out so much stuff, and we purchased some shelves from Lowes, and now our garage is a lean, clean, organized machine!!! AWESOME!!

I have had a few bites from the resumes that I have been sending out. I have had some meetings and interviews and I have a temporary job for two weeks starting next Monday. (Side note, one interview was on the 38th floor of a 39 story building. I looked out the window and my palms were sweating. I spent the entire interview trying to calm my pounding heart, and hide my sweat stained pits from the interviewers. I am NOT a fan of heights)

The adjustment is going well, its just really really different. I have never lived in a big city. I grew up in a small town, went to college in a small town, and I have lived in a small town for the past four years. Now, we are in the heart of Dallas. There is a high rise condo building across the street, there are high rises less than 1/2 a mile down the road, and the freeway is about 1/4 of a mile from here. We are living in the heart of the big city.

I did not realize how many wealthy people live in Dallas. The most common brand of car in our neighborhood; Lexus. Would the plural of that be Lexi? Plus Acura, Infinity, and Mercedes. There have been some Bentley's cruising the hood as well.

We have a Honda and a Dodge......yea

One thing I have noticed is how different I am from many of the women around here. Just from observation here are some differences..


Big Blonde hair

fake boobs

dressed up 95% of the time

in make up 100% of the time



Flat Brunette hair

all natural chestage, on the smaller side

Dressed in shorts and tee shirts 95% of the time

make up about 2% of the time

don't show cleavage

I notice this when I go to the stores. I have seen women come home from work, get out of their work clothes, and then walk the dog in outfits that I would consider appropriate from going out. When I work out, I look like trash. These women wear tight spandex shorts and sports bras, and their hair looks better than mine ever will.

Until next time, if you see a brunette girl in the midst of the big blonde hair set---thats me, trying to hold on to normalcy.


Anonymous said...

great. my husband is in Dallas all next week.
I tell him to watch out for the big boobs.

You and I are a lot of like. Forget them.

The Budgeting Babe said...

I totally noticed that about Dallas style when I was down there! We went out and met a few folks who looked like us... turned out they were all from the midwest too! (i'm from Chicago)

~Carla~ said...

lol! I feel your pain, I think you just described me to a "T"...