Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heat Stroke

No doubt you have heard about the extreme heat and drought we are going through. It has been over 100 degrees every day since I moved here. This week one day the high is 108.

I went running the other night about 7 thinking it would be cooler, I almost past out because it was so hot. At 6 am it is already over 90. There is no way to get cool or stay cool.

It is brutal and misserable.

Sweatin' it up all day in Dallas--Wahoo!!!


Anonymous said...

i really do not know how you are all making it. I will say I am no longer complaining about our weather here (57 and raining this morning).

take care.

Brooke said...

i've decided to do triathlon training for now instead of half marathon training like i wanted. this way i only have to make the "heat or treadmill" choice twice a week :P

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