Sunday, September 18, 2011


Now that I work in the corporate world, my days are different than when I taught.
When I was teaching, the day was broken up into nice and neat segments, 1 hour incriments.
With this new job- my days are no longer broken down into class times.
Now, my days are measured by the programs on NPR.
8-9 Morning edition. I get caught up on the major headlines
9-11- The Diahne Rhems show
11-12- Terry Gross. One of the best programs on NPR. I learn so much from her guests
12-2- Think with Kris Boyd (a local show)
2-3 The World with Marco Ormond. I learn about what is going on all over the globe
3-4 All things Considered
4-4:30- Marketplace-- Where I learn about all things financial
4:30-5 All Things Considered wraps up my day

As I work, I keep the radio low, and I keep my ear out of interesting stories. I like the book reviews, and the interesting guests. The politics, while I might not agree, it is still interesting.
The problem is, that by the end of the day--I want to lay in a ball under my desk and start crying. The news is depressing. UHH. I have started only listening to the topical shows that do interviews with authors, chefs, or personalities (i.e. Fresh Air) because by the time the day is over, I leave work feeling guilty that I have a job because there are so many Americans out of work, and I feel like America is spiraling downward and never going to recover.


I can't sit there and listen to the depressing news everyday. I have started to tune into the Dave Ramsey show. It's on the a.m. dial, so it does not come in well. I need more of that on the radio during the day. I need to hear postitive news. I need to hear that our best days are not behind us. I need to hear people being successful, because if we are going to recover from this hard time, then we need people succedding in business.


Michelle said...

I listen to Pandora all day. Not depressing at all! :)

Brooke said...

can you stream from the internet? i sometimes listen to Dave online. but you might want to check with your IT department first.

Anonymous said...

I love Fresh Air. I can't handle too much news either.