Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yes, the photo is dark, and not great, it was taken on the husbands iphone.
I don't really talk about it much here on the blog, but I am a couponer. I use coupons for everything I can. Our eating habits have changed, and there are not many produce coupons available. But, I try to save in other areas to give us more wiggle room for food in our budget. .
I just had to share and brag a little about my black Friday shopping! I hit up CVS with my mom, who has begun couponing this year, and is doing really well.
Bottom line, I got all the stuff in that picture, which retailed for over 50.00 for 1.85 out of pocket! Plus, I have over 25.00 in Extra Bucks to use there on anything and those don't expire until next month. d
I got"
3 tubes of toothpaste
2 Expresso drinks
Cough Drops
2 bottles of mouth wash
1 bottle of lotion
First Aid Kits
3 bottles of meds
Make up
Dish detergent
Just had to brag a bit!!!

Editors note--I forgot to mention this one.
P has been wanting an electic toothbrush. Earlier this year, he purchased one from the dentist for 180.00. We took it back. I have been on the look out for one that was more in our price range ever since.
Today, as I was looking in the flyer, I found one at Target that is normally 70.00. It was on sale for 39.00. I had a 25.00 coupon which made it 14.00. Plus, I have a 10.00 rebate form to mail in, which will make the final price of the toothbrush 4.00! Score!!!


Anonymous said...

okay. that is a lot of stuff. we do not have a CVS pharmacy that I know of around here - rite aid and walgreens. I don't go to either. where do you find your coupons?

Michelle said...

Wow you did good!

Brooke said...

definitely brag worthy! great job!!!

~Carla~ said...

Awesome!! :)