Monday, January 9, 2012

Wars, Part 3, Toilet Paper Edition

P and I love each other, we really do. Buttt...sometimes we have our "wars." You can find out what I mean here and here.

We are currently in the midst of yet another "war."

This is an empty roll of toilet paper on the roll holder.
This is a full roll of toilet paper on the basket in front of the toilet.

Apparently, P and I don't change the toilet paper roll very often. I never realized it until a few weeks ago when a friend who has been crashing on our couch every few weeks pointed out that he has been the one to change the toilet paper roll every time he comes here. P and I looked at each other and laughed.

Sadly, it is true. I don't know why we wont change the dang toilet paper roll. It is neither hard nor time consuming, but for some reason we wont change the flippin roll on a consistent basis. We are totally content to just leave the roll on the basket.

Because this is my blog, I would like to formerly decree that P will be the official toilet paper roll changer in our house.

Are we the only ones fighting this battle?


Debby said...

Ha, sounds like a problem we have at our home!! Hubby likes to yell for more paper when he is finished with his business, "hey buddy why don't you look before you sit down!!"

Michelle P said...

oooooh the toilet paper battle. We used to have this all the time. Now we just use separate bathrooms, so when he is out of TP, I just ignore him. hahaha

~Carla~ said...

I'm pretty sure that my oldest daughter & I are the only ones in our family of 6 that know how to change the roll here...

Brooke said...

i don't battle, i just do it. jay *rarely* changes the TP. having said that, since he found a deal on some really cheap TP, we have "his/hers" - 2 rolls in each bathroom. i refuse to wipe with the cheap crap he gave $0.10 a roll for. mine is on the roll, his stays on the floor.

Jessica / Life by the Arch said...

sometimes we'll get halfway through a roll before we realize hm.. maybe we should change it hahah.