Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Demise/An Ode

An Ode to Target
O how I long for thee
The minutes together seem to flee

Hats, glasses, clothes, and more
All of the things that I adore

You tempt me with your cheap deals
Of fun, beautiful, and fancy high heels

But o how i loath
to pay my bill

Like any addiction so bitter, so sweet,
I cannot wait till the next time we meet.

Ok so that is not exactly iambic pentameter but it will do. I am a Targaholic and yesterday I made my pilgrimage and it was sweet. But, like any sweet and seductive temptress, when I left, I felt ashamed at my lack of self control. But when I am there, something happens to me. Its like I lose all mental capacity and I cannot think about time beyond exiting the store. While there I am alive in the moment, and I relish every second we have together. (Ok I am being a little dramatic, ok alot dramatic, but I am positive you ladies know what I am talking about and how I feel.) I spent...drumroll..............drumroll..........139.67 in one shopping trip on things that I really did not need. I walked through the store and was mesmerized by the racks and racks of discount clothes, jewelry, and books. UHHH.
I wanted it and I wanted it all. HA! I wandered around the store for an hour and half, and I could have been there longer if I had let myself. I think they must pipe some sort of drug into the air in that place, because seriously, everything else just disappears.
Hopefully yesterday's events will keep me away from there for a good long while. Probably not, but I can hope.

P.S. I wrote this post while being on hold with my insurance company for 45 minutes. While on hold I managed to pay some bills, work on the budget, and file some papers. At least I was productive!


Anonymous said...

oh yes there is something about that Target store. You lose all inhibitions while there! At least you were at Target and not at Nordstroms : )

Rochelle said...

As much as I despise shopping, there is something about Target. We don't have one in my town, but I do get excited when I get the chance to drive to the closest one. Because the closest Target is 30 minutes away, I usually spend the minimum of an hour there. I first went to a Target down south when I was on my honeymoon and I couldn't wait for one to come north. Oh and D- last December they put a Nordstrom's in the mall. Everyone went crazy for it!

TeacHer said...

Yeah, I don't know what it is about Target. I read an essay once about a girl trying to get her finances in order, and she spoke of the difficulties of getting over the "Target tax," meaning she can't get out of Target without paying a "tax" of at least $100. I couldn't agree more! It's really a quandary.

Living my best life said...

Ha! Thanks for that entertainment. I use to be like that with Target too. Not sure how I broke that habit, but so happy that I did. ;)