Friday, June 26, 2009

The Friday Mishmash

I have a ton of random thoughts today and so here are all the different things bouncing around my head.
1. It is hot, hot, hot. We are breaking records down here in Texas this week. For those who have never experienced a Southern summer, let me tell you it can be brutal. It has been triple digits here all week, and it is only June. July and August are going to rock my world. Fortunatly for me I like the heat and enjoy the weather, but our poor garden is dead. The constant sun and no rain has killed our once lush, strong, and healthy garden. Now, everything is dry and dying. On Monday I bought some chocolate chips for baking. I left to work out and run some errands, and when I looked at the bag I saw that it had gotten so hot in the house that the chips had melted!!!

2. Our T.V. was not working and we sent it for repairs about a month ago. They were not able to repair it so we got a refund check (thank you 3 year warranty!). P went to Best Buy and scored a major deal and now we have an even better t.v. than before. He did a ton of research and spent hours in the store with the sales rep (I think he enjoyed it) and we ended up saving hundreds of dollars with the rockin' deal he scored. Way to go P.

3. We bought a new couch. We have been looking for a couch for almost 2 years now and we finally purchased one. It is a beautiful soft greyish/brown sectional that makes our living room complete. I will try to post a picture later this week. Plus, it is so nice not having a futon in our living room.

4. All of our purchases were made with cash! They do not belong to the credit card company or to the bank. They belong to us, and we do not have to sit and wait for a bill to come in the mail! Wahoo!

5. I want our E-fund to be fully funded. I know that we just started trying to max it out, but I am so goal oriented that I want to max it out now.

6. I talked with Dave this week. I called in his radio show and chatted with him for a few minutes. It was awesome!

Ok there you have it. Hope everyone has a great Friday.


Anonymous said...

WHAT! you talked to Dave? details, details. I think that deserves a post on its own : )

happy friday.

Rochelle said...

I agree with D- what did you ask? what did he say?

Living my best life said...

Wow! What a great week you have had! You know I love the part about the emergency fund, go girl! You can do it! And of course I love that you paid cash for your TV and the couch. I bet you love them even more because they are 100% yours. :) Enjoy!