Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Part Time Employement

I started my summer job last week as a housekeeper, and while I am thankful that I was able to find a job for the summer, it is not something that I would want to do for the rest of my life.
The job is easy and the girls I work with are nice, but it really makes me value teaching. I don't think there is any thing wrong with being a housekeeper, but I would not want to do it for the rest of my life. As I work making beds and cleaning toilets, I realize how fortunate I am to have a job that I am so passionate about. I get to work in a job that requires me to think on my feet, and I am hindered only by my own creativity. Every day is new and different with so many challenges that it always keeps me on my toes.
The hours at the inn where I am working are good. I work from 9-3 cleaning the rooms. It is great because I get to sleep in a little, and then get home early enough to spend time with P in the evenings. I get my 1st pay check tommorow and that is going straight into the e-fund that P and I are trying to get maxed out.
One thing that I am now more aware of is how I treat people in the service industry. I always make a point to be polite, kind, and patient with people who are doing me a service, but I can tell you that many people are not, and it makes me sad. I am only doing this job for a few weeks, but for people who do this for a life time, I am sure get so frustrated. They are often ignored, talked down too, or treated as if they are personal servants.
So, if you have a vacay planned for this summer, smile at the housekeeper as she passes you in the hall.

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Anonymous said...

you must love being able to walk away too not having do grade papers, etc. in the evenings. A teachers job is WAY more than full time. I hope you get some time to rest this summer too.