Thursday, July 23, 2009

Post Party Glow

Last night was so much fun. All in all we had about 15 people here. The food was good, the weather was perfect, and the friends were divine. Last night I did not worry about washing the dishes or picking up the trash. I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed my time with friends. We ate, talked, laughed, played games, and just enjoyed the evening. It is times like this that I am so thankful that I have people in my life who love me. That I have friends who want to come and spend time with me at my home. That I have friends who cherish each other more than they do their time in front of the television. I am so thankful because I know there are people who don't have that. There are people who are alone and in desperate need of friends, in need of someone to simply say hi, how are you today? They need to be acknowledged in some small way, and they don't have that.
Sitting in a post party happiness, the dishes in the sink, the trash that needs to be taken out, and the mess in the yard do not even disturb me.

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