Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bright Lights Big City

I have been working a lot latley, more than I originally thought I would. As a treat, P booked a room for us in downtown Austin on Monday night and we had a blast. We got to town about 3 pm and walked around. We went to REI, Whole Foods, and Anthropologie. It was fun to shop and just be in the down town area.

I really like city life. The sounds, the lights, the people, the sights, there is so much to take in. I like that you can go from block to block and see so many different people from so many different walks of life. I like to watch street theater, or watch artist create beautiful pictures on their canvases. I like to see the clash of the wealthy and glamorous against the dirty city streets. I like to watch the women clad in Versace walk past garbage bins while they chat on their cell phones. The dichotomy of it all just astounds me. The mixture of beauty and glam vs. raw and dirty can hold my attention for hours.

We had an amazing view from our hotel room, and Monday night I just sat and stared out the window. The birds eye view is one of my favorite things. I sat and watched the cars and buses go by. I have been fascinated by city life ever since I was little. I used to have horrible nightmares and I was scared that something would happen to my family during the night. On those nights that I lay awake scared I would wish that my family lived in the big city because there were always lights on, people on the streets, and things going on downtown. I thought that if there were people up and about that no bad things could happen because it was just like during the day when everyone was awake, and I was not scared. So every since then I have had a thing for city life and a good view.
It was a great getaway and I am so thankful that P planned a small but fun time for us. He is awesome like that!

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Denise said...

I so out of it - or should i even admit that I have never been to Anthropologie. I have been to Whole Foods and REI : )