Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meeting #2

We have finally gotten all the paperwork done from our first meeting with our financial advisor. It has taken forever, been a major pain in the rear, but it is finally done. Now that he has our money, we have to decided what to do with the money, and how to invest it. For now, I leave you with all the questions that I typed up to ask him tonight. Some of these, I should have asked before now, but here they are.
I will be sure to update you on the meeting tomorrow.

Why are we investing with this fund?
Should we diversify, is it smart to put all of our money with this one company?
What happens if this fund shuts down?
Will the stock market go up again?
What happens if you leave this company?
Is now a good time to invest our money?
What happens if your company shuts down?
People are talking about taking their moeny out of the banks, should we consider this?
Is investing 15% enough?
What is your one one our money is invested?
What set of checks and balances are there with your company?
What will you be able to do with our money once you give it to you?
How many clients have beat their benchmarks or are on track with their goals?
What goals do you have for us?
How have your clients fared during the recessions?
Can you combine all of your clients into one portfolio and tell me how they did?
What is your short term investing record?
What is your long term investing record?
How do you make investment decisions for us?
How do you decide when to stick with an investment or pull out?
Who makes the decisions about our investing options? You, others, a group?
Can we have a written outline of fees and investment strategies?
If we want to leave this investment company is that possible?
How many clients do you have?
Have you ever been disciplined for unlawful/unethical actions?
Is your company making money?
Who is your biggest competition right now?
How is your company faring against the competition?
How many lawsuits have been brought against this company?
What is your investing philosophy?
What kind of car do you drive?
Have you ever been fired from a job?
How do we know when we should adjust our investment strategy?
What if we dont save enough moeny for retierment?

Ok, there are about 20 more questions that I have typed up for him. Do you see any more I should ask.


Brooke said...

those are some awesome (and thorough) questions. bet he's never been asked about his transporation before!

Anonymous said...

wow. you are going to blow him away!