Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not Good

P and I are not good travelers. Wait, scratch that, we are great travelers. We are fun, adventurous, up for anything kind of people. We will go place on a whim, and we always want to explore and see whats out there. We will try most anything once.

We are good travelers, we are not good packers. NOT AT ALL. Our luggaage is cheap and broken. As a result we pack using bags. P has 2 backpacks, one small one that is actually a camel back holder and 1 large one that I can fit into. And that man can load those puppies up.

When traveling, I usually carry my backpack, my purse, and then another bag, all of which are bursting at the seams. There is crap shoved into every pocket. A change of clothes in our carry on, and last minute crap we grabbed going out the door. Needless to say, it aint a pretty site when we drag all our crap in 18 different bags into the airport.

When we drive somewhere, it is actually worse. I am a bag lady. I buy bags all the freakn' time and I don't know why. Not purses, but big ass bags. The kind that hold a ton, but don't zip. Yep I am that girl. I have so many bags. I take those when it is a road trip. I have also been known to pack using a laundry basket. I just throw all my junk in there, throw it in my trunk and go.

On road trips with P- his motto is--we have the car, load er' up. Back seat- open for anything-just throw it back there.

Plus, we each over pack. Once, when we went skiing for 7 days, P brought 18 t-shirts. (Honey, sorry to throw you under the bus, but you did!) That is a lot of t-shirts given that we were in 8 degree weather.

I over pack undies and socks. I have this fear that I will run out of fresh/clean panties. For a 2 day weekend, I tend to pack 8-10 pair. Do I ever use them all, of course not. And books. I have being confised so I have to bring a ton of stuff to read or entertain myself.

But it ALL ENDS TODAY. Today we become good packers.

In my mind, upon making that announcement there is some triumphant music playing in the back ground.....just go with k.

Today I scooted to REI during lunch and bought this case.

Then I ran to Target and bought a small carry on bag that zips up.

The they don't match at all. At least it is luggage. I am driving to Austin for a girls weekend and I did not want to roll up into the hotel with 18 bags and a laundry basket, and my foam roller.

These bags give me the paramaters I need to avoid over packing.

My packing is going to be beautiful. Can't you see it now--I will be the picture of travel efficiency. I will be just like those people in the movies who carry one small carry on that holds 16 outfits and 5 pair of boots somehow. Yes, I will claim victory today over this travest of travel and become an organized packer. Victory will be mine.

Hey, I can dream...


Michelle said...

We're the same way! The BF uses a camelbak also but I finally just got a suitcase.

Anonymous said...

so, are you going somewhere soon? i just got back from taking my sister to the airport. was wishing i was heading somewhere myself.

Anonymous said...

Come on it was 17 shirts and I know how to double up.