Monday, November 14, 2011

Changing Tastes

My tastes have changed this past year in several ways.

My taste buds have totally changed. This past year, I have found that I can stomach spicy foods better than ever. I have started to put jalapenos on all my food. I have thrown them on some sammies and salads, and the heat does not bother me at all. There have been several times when P and I have been eating the same thing, and he starts hurting because of the heat of the food, and I it does not affect me at all, it is really weird.

My taste in blogs have also changed. I started reading blogs about 4 years ago. Up until then, I had never heard of a blog--yes, I am a technological power house, I know. At that time, P and I were working to pay off our debt, and I was reading a ton of financial articles and one of them mentioned The Budgeting Babe. I clicked the link- and boom- my world turned upside down, and I started reading blogs from there. I was so inspired by her and I learned so much from her about money. That led to me find other blogs about personal finance, and I was in awe of people talking about their lives and money online. I kept me motivated to get out of debt, and made me excited to learn how to handle money. It was through a blog that I learned of Dave Ramsey, which REALLY turned our lives around.

Today, I still read a few p.f. blogs and when I get loose with money, I always go search out my old favorite for a swift kick in the rear. But, now I have expanded my blog reading to include more blogs about food, fitness, and life style. I have played with veganism through Mama Pea, oogled the crafts by Carla, been motivated to organize every nook and cranny of my home by Rochelle, laughed my butt off at Brooke, and been inspired time and time again my Denise. She constantly challenges me, inspires me, and makes my mouth water with her garden and food creations.

My tastes have changed, but I like where it has led me too, and the blogs I have read. I think that is one thing that I like most about blogging is that it has opened my world to people, ideas, pictures, thoughts, and education. It is like reading your friends diary when she walks out of her room, but not have to worry that you will be caught.

Have your tastes changed?


Michelle said...

I love spicey food! Me and the BF talked about how our tastes have changed also. I've been really LOVING ice cream lately, and I used to hate it.

Anonymous said...

you are really too kind.

hmm. not a fan of hot food. husband loves it.

as far as blogs, I have been reading the same ones for years it seems now. Something about blogging I like. It is weird though. Hardly anyone in my "real life" knows about my blog. that bugs me sometimes.

Brooke said...

aww shucks!

my blog tastes have definitely changed - some of the ones i originally subscribed to no longer apply to my life.

i wonder if that's more an indication of us growing as people or them?