Sunday, December 18, 2011


I shop at Walmart from time to time. It is really close, it is a one stop shop, it is cheap, and I leave there feeling pretty good about myself (as compared to most others there), but pretty ashamed to be an American.

Everyone has an opinion about Walmart, some good, others bad.
While at Walmart, I have observed many different things:
-Rich and poor shop at Walmart
-There are a lot of rude people at Walmart, employees and customers alike.
-I have seen a couple attempt to steal a t.v.
-I I have seen a woman put her basket in a very long checkout line and walk away to continue shopping, and come back with a handful of goods.
-I have heard some curse words that I did not know could be put together.
-I have seen open packages laying on the shelf--clearly someone didn't feel like paying for that Snickers bar.
-I have seen a box of condoms placed in the freeze section
-I have been paid to shop there--my coupons were more than my total and I got money back--that was awesome!
-They price match!
-I have gotten mad when I have seen others use food stamps then get into a nicer car than I have.

Through it all, I have seen some crazy things at Walmart. Clearly, some things have been pretty bad, but there are 2 things that inspire me:
-The Greeters and -Angelo
The greeters are usually elderly men and women, or they are the mentally ill. I usually make a point to stop and talk to them. I think it is Awesome that Walmart will give them a job.
The greatest thing I have seen at Walmart this year is Angelo. When I shop there, I look to see if he is working at a register, and I usually try to get into his line. I don't know much about him other than what I have observed, but I like him a lot.
Here is what I have observed about Angelo
-He is probably in his mid 50's
-He is probably an immigrant from Middle Eastern descent
-He has a mustache
-None of that really matters. The reason that I like to have him check out my groceries is because of his work ethic
-He is kind and respectful to everyone
-He always has a smile
-He does not work or act like he is "just" a cashier
-He takes pride in his job
-He talk to everyone
-He has a neat and tidy appearance
-He does his best every time.

His work ethic is 100% better than 99% of the other employees that I have encountered. He works like he is happy to have the opportunity to have a job, rather than act like he is too good for his job.
One of the best lessons that I learned as a child was to view each job as an opportunity, and to never think I was too good to do any job. I have worked as a hostess, a nanny, and a hotel maid, but I did all of them with pride.

Angelo's attitude and work ethic some something that we need a lot more of here in America.


Anonymous said...

i don't shop at walmart. i just can't do it. well, it is not close to my house at all - so give me that much.

I get what you mean about work ethic. there is a young man at the store I shop at kinda like that. I like saying hello to him too.

~Carla~ said...

I could take or eave WM, no matter how you feel, they do employ a lot of people who may otherwise not have jobs! Angelo sounds like a good man! I bet he's thankful for his job & that is what makes all the difference! :) Gratefulness!

Brooke said...

that attitude is so rare these days. i had a cashier treat me like i was inconviencing her because my gift card wouldn't swipe and *she* (gasp - horror of all horrors) had to complete the payment portion of the transaction.

contrast that to my next visit to wally world, where the cashier was friendly and carried on a conversation with me. i love it when people take pride in there worth rather than just slog thru.