Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Quote and some updates

-It is only Tuesday, but P and I have tomorrow off to hang out and do some Christmas shopping. I plan/hope to get everything done in 1 day!
-We have currently purchased 2 presents. Yep, just 2.
-We went to the store last night and used 1 coupon for .55 cents off my organic carrots--Watch out TLC Extreme Coupons, I'm comin' for ya.
-The weather stinks around here, I need the SUN!

Finally, I was listening to a local radio show and they were discussing the new book 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the wisest Americans by Karl Pillemer, Ph. D.
The quote that stuck out to me the most was in regards to marriage. He said in his research, while interviewing those who have been married for at least 30 years had this piece of advise:

"When you begin to keep score, you are in trouble. Sometimes it is 90%-10%. Sometimes you are the 90%, sometimes you are the 10%."
So true. So very true. I know that in our marriage, I am guilty of this all the time. If I clean the kitchen, I think about it, because, I am a score keeper, and for that I have to say I am sorry to my husband. I don't ever take into account all that he does. I always remember when I am the 90%, but I never like to recognize when I am the 10%.
Thanks for loving me even when I am 10% or less P.


Brooke said...

lol - be sureto let us know when your extreme coupon epi airs ;)

~Carla~ said...

I once got a free tub of ice cream, so I'll join you on the show... may be a boring episode, but hey.. ;) lol! I agree on the "keeping score"... Not a good plan!

I'm currently reading "Love Your Life" by Victoria Osteen... I bet you'd love it! I find her soo inspiring! I think once I return it to the library I'll buy myself a copy...it's wonderful!

Heather said...

I am guilty of keeping score too. Maybe I have too much time to think when I am cleaning the kitchen and taking care of two babes :-) Thanks for the reminder to remember when I am the 10%!