Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Confessions

In honor of being at my parents house this week, I decided that this week's confessions would be retro, blast from the past, the musings of my yester-years. Basically, here is some of the crap I did in high school that was stupid.

1.The mailbox ended up under my car as I backed out the drive way once.
2. I closed my eyes while driving over a bridge in drivers ed because I got scared.
3. I failed math one 6 weeks my sophmore year.
4. I wore a short skirt to school most Fridays, and told my teacher/soccer coach that I was sent home for my skirt being too short in order to miss his weekly quizzes.
5. When I couldnt sleep I would go stand next to my parents bed and make sure they were still breathing. (It was supposed to be loving, but came off creepy)

Ok, fess up, what are some of your confessions from yester-year?


Brooke said...

i cried. sobbed when my favorite pro-wrestler was injured (IRL, not one of the fake ones for storyline sake)

Anonymous said...

my daughters do that creepy beside thing!! actually Tori is asleep beside my bed right now.

i once forged a note saying i injured my hand so i didn't have to do PE. It worked!! I did feel so guilty afterwards though..

Anonymous said...

bed side - not besides...

Debby said...

Good luck on your goals!!!