Monday, April 23, 2012

The Motherload

Here she is ladies and gents, the mother load of my couponing experience. Yeeehawww.
This past weekend, I drove down to central Texas to hang out with my family while P was out of town on a business trip. Saturday morning after my run, my mom and I combined our coupons with the sales, and ended up shopping at Target and Walgreens.

We got a ton of stuff for our stockpiles. Here is a breakdown of what we purchased:

10 packs of laundry detergent
Pasta and sauce for the food bank
Toilet Paper
Trash bags
6 packs of razors
Light bulbs
3 packs of dog food
Bottled Water (3 packs still in the car)

Drum roll please.......savings of almost 100.00, plus a gift card to Target, and a 10.00 rebate check coming to us!
The best deal we found was the detergent was buy one get one free at Walgreens. We had coupons for the detergent so we got 2 for 4.99!

T'was an awesome shopping trip!


lesley: the dream tree said...

that's awesome! some of my friends do that and i just can't figure it out for the life of me. i guess i don't have the patience.

Michelle said...

Wow good job!

~Carla~ said...

You need to come visit me & take me shopping!! You're awesome!! :)

Brooke said...

very nice! i'm not quick enough on the draw, and the other couponers in my area always beat me to the razors. bt i took advantage of some of the same other deals.