Friday, June 19, 2009

Fab Summer Fun

I don't have a weekend this weekend because I have to work, sad, but that is ok. Only a few more weeks and the summer job will be finished. It is really strange working on the weekends. I did not realize how much I get done, and how much I look forward to the weekends when I get to hang with P, visit family and friends, or just be lazy.
So because I do not get a weekend, I will just relive the festivities from last weekend, and those memories will fill me with warm fuzzes as I slave away for the next two days. (kidding!)
Last Saturday was perhaps one of the greatest days I have had in a long time. I was one of those perfect summer days where timetables and schedules are thrown to the side, and friends, family, and fellowship rule the day.
After a little sleeping in, I woke up went to the grocery store (one of my favorite really, I like going to the grocery store!) and was free to shop around without being rushed, and as a bonus I scored a ton of good deals, (I got more than 20 dollars off with coupons, score). Needles to say, I came home on a slight savings high. It was great.

Then 2 friends came down, one from Arkansas, the other only lives about an hour from here, however, due to work/life we don't get to see him often. We ended up going to the river and swam and a great time. On the way home we called yet another friend who came over and we all pitched in and made an awesome dinner. Once the steaks, grilled chicken, and veggies were done, we set the table outside and ate dinner as we watched the sun go down. It was perfect. A few good friends, the setting sun, cheap wine, and great conversation made for an amazing time. Our meal ended about 4 hours after it started. No one was rushing to leave to meet a prior obligation, no one was worried about work the next day, we all were able sit together and relish the moment.
It is times like those that remind me that life is not about the things I own, it is about sharing my life with others. That experience gave me so much more than any shirt/pants/skirt/ or home decor could ever offer.
I need more nights like that. I need more time with family and friends. I need to stop and have a 4 hour meal more often. I need to soak in and relish life and all the beautiful gifts it has to offer.
So tomorrow, as I labor, I will be comforted by the memories of the weekend past.


Denise said...

it is always tough to work on the weekends. hang in there.

Simplelivin' said...

That is a great memory to keep with you! Why is it that life always seems to get so busy that even dinner with friends can seem rushed? I hope you can get more times like that this summer!!!

Living my best life said...

I love weekend days like that. Hope your weekend of working wasn't too bad and you are soon having more days like the one you describe here. :)