Sunday, August 23, 2009

7th Grade B Team

7th Grade B Team District Champs, that is the name of my team. This summer P and I have been playing on a kickball team. The cost was 20.00, and to be honest, it was some of the best money we have spent all summer. Each Friday night, we head out to the ball park, and get to relive life in gym and play a hilarious game of kickball. Some teams get really into it, others hardly have enough people to play, and some are just out for a few laughs and to have a good time. It has been so much fun, and I have really enjoyed getting to act like a clown every Friday night. It has been such a great way to get some exercise, a few laughs, and harness my inner child. We have one game left and then the tournament.
It is been so much fun and I think the reason that I have enjoyed it is because I get exercise and have fun while doing it. I have enjoyed training for the marathon but I am so focused on the goal and beating my times that this polar opposite is exactly what I need. It really loosens me up the night before my long run, because I don't focus on what will happen the next day. I focus on fun and friends, and at times that is exactly what the doctor orders.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!! I can't stand it when people take a "game" too seriously... lifes too short! ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I love "the real stuff" too! I use a Nikon D90 and the pics on my last post were with my new 35mm f/1.8!

Anonymous said...

well, the trainer in me says be careful playing so you don't get hurt which will keep you from running : )

Simplelivin' said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! My work was trying to get together a kickball team for the summer, but somehow it fell through. :-(

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Oh, the memories of Junior High this stirs up in me - and not all good, I must say. I didn't call those "The Monster Years" for nothing! I bet watching a bunch of adults playing kickball is a hoot - on par with dodgeball.

Thank you for coming by and saying hello over at my place - I thought I maybe emailed you a reply, but I have a feeling that dmoms received it instead. Just when I think I'm getting the hang of computer literacy...I love Asics - they're the only shoe I run in, but a word of warning about their trail-runners. I'll just say that it took a while for my big toenails to come back...

Happy Monday, friend!