Friday, August 21, 2009

Flying Solo

I am flying solo this weekend. P and his friends are on a fishing trip at the coast and from reports from him, it sounds like they are having a great time. So that means I am on my own for the next 48 hours.
I have not decided what I am going to do yet, and while I will miss P, I know he will have a great time.
I am going to spend the weekend getting things done, small things that are on my todo list. While it will not be glamorous and exciting I defiantly feel better when I have crossed things off my list. Plus, everything is about to get hectic, so I will breath a little easier knowing that I have accomplished my tasks. Here is my todo list:
Run 13 miles--my training run on Saturday morning.
Shopping!!-I need to buy a new pair of black kitten heels, mine have been destroyed by walking on the blacktop pavement on the playground.
Oil Change-I am about 100 miles over due
Returns-I have a few items to return to some different stores
Clean the house--Done! I got it done right after work tonight.
Lesson Plans--uhh the bain of my existence during the school year
Support team--my friend is doing a mini triathlon this weekend and I am going to support her. She is nervous and I want to be there and cheer her on.
Grocery shopping--We need just a few things so that will be easy.
Rest--My goal is to get everything done on Saturday so that on Sunday I can just sit back, rest, and enjoy the day.
Hope yall have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, that is like a lot in one day to accomplish. i have a feeling you will do it though