Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To Fool or Not To Fool

I have been debating for last few weeks about doing another full marathon this year or just doing a half. Just a half, it makes it sound so simple.

One day I decided I want to do a full, the next day I change my mind. I think about it all the time. I ran the full in San Antonio for the past 2 years, and it is a great race, but I just don't know if my heart is into doing a full this year. I have been doing more smaller races this year, quite a few 5K's and I have gotten faster with each race, and I go out wanting to p.r. every time. I have also been incorporating a speed workout into my routine every week, something that I always blew off in my past marathon training. As a result of my speed work, I have increased my speed, and I have found myself running about 45 seconds faster per mile comfortably. (That is based on the marathon pace of course)

Overall, I am pleased with the progress I have made. I want to do more than 5K's but less than a full marathon. I think I have set my mind on a couple of 1/2 marathons. I think this will allow me to do a big race, but continue to work on speed.

I still struggle with actually thinking of myself as a runner because I don't run sub 16 marathons a year at a sub 4 hour pace. I wish I could, but I am not there.

I think the 1/2 is where I want to be this year, and I really want to push myself. Plus, I am excited about doing some different races that I have not done before. Tentatively, I am thinking about doing the Austin half and the Cowtown half, and maybe one more this racing season.

What do you guys think? Are you doing any races?


Anonymous said...

stick with the 1/2. so much more enjoyable in my opinion. no races this year but maybe next :)

Michelle said...

Well I've never ran a marathon but I really want to. I'd start with a half.

Heather said...

Definitely never have done a marathon...and I'm not sure I would be up for that long of a run. I am actually trying to convince my family to do a turkey trot this fall (5k), and I'm not even sure I will be able to manage that! I've never been a runner, but have always wanted to be!

Brooke said...

i think that sounds like a great plan. i've got a half next weekend and am looking at a full on april fool's day.

now that i've done 26.2 i struggle with "just" a half too as far as preparing myself.

Lorilee @ Loving Simple said...

I think it sounds great... being able to run at all, I will enjoy it with you :). I can walk forever but can't seem to stick with running.

I read '4 hour body' by Tim Ferris (think that is spelled right) a few months ago and there was some great running/training tips in there that dealt with speed.

Love the pic. Good luck!

atpeacewithcrazy said...

i've done a full (once) & it was miserable. granted i didn't train like i should have...that would have helped! ;) my first half was the at&t in austin. fun atmosphere (who doesn't love austin?) but be prepared for killer hills!!! after doing the half in SA a few times i've backed off to 5ks in the past few years. it has been fun to focus on perfecting my pace with shorter races. best of luck to you.
ps~i live in northern california now but lived in san antonio from '06-' & miss that town!!!

Rochelle said...

Well, you probably know what I'm gonna say already since my exercise is napping in the bed while Jeff runs on the treadmill beside me!! Jeff would tell you to do the halfs, it will give you something different and maybe more challenging. I can't give you any advice since I can barely keep up with the cross country kids when I'm taking pictures at the meets. I even asked to ambulance workers to get the oxygen ready for me at the last meet!!!! I should get back to some exercise.