Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Needing Normalcy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was Awesome!

We had a ton of fun, spent lots of time with family, and ate great food.

We arrived back home to find our fridge in a pretty bare state. There is bread, eggs, an onion, some old jalapenos, and butter. Yummy! Needless to say, we don't have much food, and I need to hit the store soon.

While at the store I am only going to be loading up on fruits, grains, and veggies. I need to detox from all the food I ate. Basically, I spent the last few days opening presents in between moments of ecstasy with some M&M's. I was pretty hard core, pouring handful after handful into my mouth for 4 days straight. I went in single handidly, I double fisted it, and then I poured the container into my mouth, classy I know. My mom figures I went through 3 large family size bags of M&M's this week. Uhh, Houston, I have a problem.

When I took a break from the M&M's, I hit up my grandmas chocolate cake hard core also. I ate 50% of a chocolate cake, while the rest of the family shared the other half. I promise, I am not exaggerating.

Starting tomorrow, I am getting back on the wagon, and returning to my normal eating patterns.

Like any good addict, it felt great in the moment, but once I stopped binging for about 5 minutes, I felt guilty, sad, and embarrassed at my consumption. My running felt like crap because I was fueled by crap.

Will I ever learn?


Anonymous said...

wash your hands of it and move on - we all do it...even me :) although, I feel pretty good about my eating this holiday season. I had some m and m's, fudge and pie even!!

~Carla~ said...

Onwards & upwards my dear!! ;) You should see my fridge & freezer... good Lord, it's FULL from ChristmasL! lol!

Michelle said...

We just went shopping the other day and our fridge as completely bare beforehand. I hate making dinner!

Rochelle said...

I ate so many butterball cookies it's not even funny. I found an excuse every second as to why I needed to eat one. Washed the dishes- eat a butterball. Breathed- eat a butterball. Thank goodness they're all gone!

We had some leftovers from our Christmas dinner that we just finished eating this afternoon. Darn- now I have to cook again!

Glad you had a good holiday!! Thats all that matters.