Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes I get so tired of waiting for things.
Right now, I am so tired for saving for some things. We have goals, things we want, but we are no where near reaching those goals. Sometimes, I want to say I want what I want when I want it.
Mostly, I am tired for waiting to buy a home. We are not apartment people at all. We are home people, nature people, wide open spaces people, fix it up people.
We are no where near having enough money for a house. We are no where near having enough money for a down payment for a house. But I miss having a house. We have been living in apartments for the last 2 years due to life changes. A job loss for him, then a new job for him. A move and resignation for her, then a new job for her. In the past 2 years transitions have occurred, and they have been big.
Looking around, I see people buying homes, and putting little to no money down. They throw caution to the wind and go to Hawaii on a fabulous vacation, while putting it all on their credit cards. Sometimes, I want to be like that. I want to be that person who lives the fabulous life like they do. But, that is just not our style.
I know that delayed gratification is a sign of fiscal maturity. I know that mentally, but sometimes, I get so tired of waiting and being responsible.
What about you? What are you hoping for, saving for, wishing you could have right now?


~Carla~ said...

Awww.. It is hard to wait, I know. We lived in apartments or 3 story walk ups FOREVER... we're now in a big house that I LOVE, but we rent. I love my landlords, (they are beyond wonderful people!) and I feel God has blessed us with a beautiful house in one of the best & safest areas in our city when my children are safe. Your time will come.... :) Keep the faith!!

Heather said...

Yeah, I hate waiting too. We have a piece of land that we bought 7 years ago, and almost built our dream house on. Then we didn't go through with it at the last minute, and a good thing too, now that I am not working and have two babies. But, we look at that land, and wish that we could build a home on it. Maybe someday. Have you looked into renting a house? Sometimes you can find a really good deal, especially now that the market is so bad for selling houses. A lot of people in our area have had houses on the market for over a year, and now are renting them out because they have moved. Just an idea :-) Keep your head up though! Being responsible will pay off in the long run!

Michelle said...

One day you'll have a wonderful house! You don't want to be one of those people who puts everything on a credit card anyways.

Debby said...

I know how you feel!! Sometimes I think to heck with retirment and planning for later, why not just jump in and do some crazy stuff sometimes (never with CC!!) but then I remember what it was like way back when, worried and sleepless night wondering where the $$ were going to come from. The wait is worth it!!!

Brooke said...

i feel the same way. we got a "personal property" form in the mail yesterday from our local tax assessor. did you know you have to pay taxes on the things *inside* a piece of investment property?

so while my friends have smart phones, car payments, and cable - i'm getting punished and taxed more heavily because we decided to save our money then invest in a down real estate market.

so yeah, trust me i know. :(

asgreen said...

I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is getting ahead and doing so much better, while so much feels like a struggle right now.

We are on the right path. We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Anonymous said...

our list is like a mile long of things we have been waiting to purchase. Not fun things either - like a garage door! waiting is the hardest part.

Karen said...

I can definitely relate to how you feel. I'm turning 30 this year, which I feel is like a milestone and I think about where I am financially and where I should be. I have several friends who are already married, well into their careers and have purchased homes. And I wonder why am I not there yet? I have finally found a career that I can see a promising future, but I always wonder why didn't the good fortune come sooner? Why did I have to wait a couple of years? The bf and I have started looking at houses, but that has turned from fun and exciting to more frustrating just because it is currently a seller's market where we are. And it bothers me that I should have started being more financial savvy in my early 20s, but live and learn I guess.