Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Vortex

I have finally joined the millions of others and given into the great time wasting vortex known as Pintrest. I waste so many hours of my day looking at that blasted sight, it is not even funny.

The problem with Pintrest is that so much that is posted on there is crafty or creative stuff. Remember, I am the person that calls arts and crafts, arts and craps. I have absolutely no artistic or creative talent in my body.

Unfortunately, because of Pintrest, I got inspired to tap into my creativeish side.

The last time I did something creative I attempted to redo a piece of furniture and ended up burning some skin off, painting the piece a hideous color, spent way too much money fixing my many mistakes, and I had paint in my hair for nearly 2 weeks. I ended up giving the piece to a friend who redid it and it is now beautiful.

Yesterday I saw this on Pintrest in the morning.

This cake is beautiful and I wanted to recreate it. I went to the store, bought what I needed to make the cake, from scratch and started it about 6:00. I finished around 10:00.

My version, which was doomed from the start ended up being a square brick that did not taste good.

The measurements were listed in the metric system, and with my 5th grade math skills, those conversions were somewhat difficult, and probably incorrect.

The cake ended up being square because I had to cut it from the circular pan because it was thin and burned. The icing was overly sweet, and I got frustrated with the sprinkles so I dumped the canister on the top. The icing looks like it was applied by a blind five year old. The cake was dry and not moist. It was not good. I was so frustrated by the end of the night that I text my friend who is a chef and asked for some help. Well, my actual words were "This cake is being a little whore, any tips?" I then had to stare at my unappetising cake, and my disastrous kitchen. A had sugar EVERYWHERE, including my already dirty hair and I filled up the dishwasher with dishes I used just from making the blasted cake.

I kept telling P that I should never have hopes and dreams because they always turn out to be massive failures. I stated that I was going to stop trying to be better and just settle for who and what I am now. (I am pretty dramatic and sarcastic in the face of failure.) He gave me a deadpan stare and I am pretty sure he wanted to tell me to shut up. When he asked me what I could learn from the experience I told him that I learned to never try for things.

The cake now resides in the trashcans along with all my other creative hopes and dreams. (Again, sarcasm)

Do you Pintrest?


~Carla~ said...

Awww... Seriously THAT bad?! lol! Should have started with Duncan Hines! lol! It does LOOK good though! ;)

I am on Pinterest now but don't get it...I was on a couple times, but nothing really caught my eye. I figure I'm just doing something wrong... lol!

Anonymous said...

i think you may have picked the hardest cake on earth to make!! hello, I would not even have attempted that cake!!

i like pinterest but i only look at so much and "pin" only what I truly like. after maybe 5 minutes I am done. it doesn't suck me in like I thought it would.

i guess it is more of a "i like" pin board for me.

Nicole said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he asked you what you learned from this experience. This post sort of reminds me of the Julie/Julia Project. You can't kick yourself for trying. I don't think your cake looks that bad. And, now you know that you don't do baking. I do bake, and I HATE cooking. And I find that most people that love to cook HATE baking. So maybe you are destined to become a great cook?

Anonymous said...

So it was shared that this was possibly the hardest cake to attempt, well from experience it was a rock and no amount of blue bell ice cream could soften that beautiful stone. Continue to try and dominate, however please provide tums on the side for those first time challenges.

Aubrey Rose said...

I feel the same way!
Im always attempting and failing at crafty things, and Auston has to eventually come over and help me fix them because I end up pouting on the kitchen floor over what a loser I am!
This happened with homemade apple pie last week :)

Michelle said...

Pinterest is so addicting!

lesley: the dream tree said...

you are very creative! i love your blog.

yes, i'm on pinterest and spend plenty of wasted hours, as well.

Laura Vanderkam said...

That pinterest cake looks amazing...and like it probably takes a weekend and a professional food stylist to pull off. Just enjoy the picture. Then eat brownies :)

Debby said...

So funny, I could never do the math for the conversion so you are way ahead of the game in my book. I don't do pinterest afraid I might get sucked into another time waste. I bet that cake was done by a pastrey chief, grab a coupon and buy a box cake mix, your sprinkles look great!!