Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Shopping--Big Savings

Like many Americans, I was super excited for Black Friday. However, unlike most Americans, I was not going to set foot near a department store, mall, or Best Buy. I was excited because my favorite drug store, CVS offers KILLER deals during Thanksgiving week. Fundamentally, I hate Black Friday and the behavior that I see my fellow countrymen and women display. People forsaking time with family and friends to camp outside a store to shop, trampling one another, pulling guns on one another over a t.v., and the obsession with stuff, and junk. 

This week, I spent about $16.00, and got nearly $60.00 worth of goods, and over $25.00 in Extra Bucks! My loot below. 
This week, I shopped at CVS and Kroger to cash in on the deals. 

This was all from my first shop. If we wont eat it or use it, it went right into the donation box I keep in the closet. 

 This is a picture of my receipt that I got from my shopping at CVS. It was two times my height. It was filled with Extra Bucks for me to use on my next trip.
 This was probably my favorite deal. I bought these items at Kroger. The deodorant was on sale for 1.00 each and I had two 1.00 coupons. Next the eye shadow was 4.00 each, and when you buy four, 4.00 were automatically taken at the register. Then, I had 2 make up coupons. I went to the register with no cash in hand, just my Kroger card and coupons. The total came to -1.04. The store gave me 1.04!! I made money on this purchase! Wahoo!!!
 My last shop again at CVS. This was about 19.00, and I used all the Extra Bucks from my previous trip, and so I spent nothing out of pocket. And, I got 18.00 in Extra Bucks back.
So there you go! How did you do this week?


lesley: the dream tree said...

good job! for some reason i just cannot grasp couponing. i guess i don't know how to do all the research and stuff. my friend saves thousands a year and i am so jealous. see, just another reason we need to hang out. you can teach me all this (: hope your holiday was fun!

Lena said...

Nice deals! Our local Smiths(Kroger here)never gives money back :( I did a little shopping but not too much. Was in bed by one :)

Brooke said...

sweet haul!! i did no black friday shopping, but took advantage of the CVS deals earlier in the week.