Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Confessions

1. I was so giddy about a shopping trip with coupons this week that I had a hard time going to bed.

2. I have a ton to do at work, but I took three days off and I don't even care if I finish it all.

3. I have watched the same episodes of Modern Family on Hulu at least 5 times this week.

4. I ate an entire cauliflower pizza by myself in one night.

5. A creepy guy at the gym tried to talk to me. I pretended I didn't notice and kept walking.


Fess up peeps.



Denise said...

3 days off!
and we LOVE Modern Family!

lesley: the dream tree said...

lol, i would have liked to have witnessed you blowing off the creep!

~Carla~ said...

My oldest dd was being a brat and harassing me so I sent her a photo of Borat in a banana hammock just to get the upper edge. rotfl!

Brooke said...

i warmed my sunglasses up under my skirt this morning so they wouldn't fog up before putting them on.