Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Once a week I am shutting it off

You know how this is supposed to be the slow time of year, where we all stop what we are doing, we all give thanks for all that we have, then we rush around spending money we don't have on presents we don't want to buy, and going to parties with people we don't really like. Yea--it kinda blows. And it seems as if we are busier and busier. We constantly multi-task, speed eat through lunch just to get more done at work because when we were supposed to be working we are shopping for said presents, and working on our social calendars trying to fit everything in. 

I am making a stand (metaphorically) right now. I am stopping the madness, stopping the craziness, and I am going to reclaim my December. I am going to say "No" if I am invited to a gathering that I don't want to go to, and not feel bad about it. 
I am not going to try and cram in 100 activities into my day. I am not going to feel bad if my to do list is 4 pages, and I only cross of two items. 
Let's take back our holiday month, and enjoy it for once. 
Who is with me?

In an attempt to do this, I have decided that once a week, I am going to turn off the t.v. No movies on the ipad at lunch, no Hulu in bed at night. Once a week, I am going to give myself a break from media to get things done, to read a book, or just take a walk. 

Studies show that we average Americans spend at least 6 hours a day watching t.v. 6 hours! 
Do you know what we could do in 6 hours? We could cook enough meals for the week. We could clean the house, do the laundry, walk 20 miles, or finish 3 books. 

Who is with me? Who wants to give up t.v. just one day a week? 
If you are in--let me know, and let's keep each other accountable and see if by focusing our efforts we can be simplify, live better, be more rested, and enjoy this month even more. 


~Carla~ said...

I'm don't think I watch 6 hours of tv a week... now my iPad, well that's a different story... ;)

lesley: the dream tree said...

i will do this with you, but i should get off my computer. i never watch tv, so i'm good there, but facebook and reading blogs is what gets me!

Michelle said...

I'm with you on this!

Brooke said...

i'll go one further - no social media one day a week. we're bad about sitting in front of our computers all evening instead of TV. at work i'll just read on my kindle during down times.

Denise said...

I agree completely!

I like what everyone is saying about not just the TV either - all media :)