Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Books that have changed my life

The other day I was browsing in 1/2 Price Books and as I was looking at all the books, I kept searching for some oldies, but goodies. I found so many books that I have read and loved over the years, and the ones that I love the most,the ones that really changed me, challenged me, I always seek them out in book stores just to see if they are still on the shelves. Here is my list of books that have radically changed me. 

The Bible- I read this book everyday on the train. It never ceases to amaze me all the wisdom, guidance, love, rebuke, and testimony's. It is a love story to us. I pray that I will continue to love the word of God, and long for it every moment of my life.
 I read this series of books back in high school.  This book opened my eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare and the many injustices in the world. Growing up in small town America before the internet took over, I was not exposed to much, and when I read this, it really gave me a sense that not all is right and well in the world.
 P bought me this book a few years ago, and it is one that I cherish, and one that I learned so much from. Before reading it, I was pretty ignorant about Nelson Mandela and his struggle. He is an amazing man. His life is a true testament to peace, love, and forgiveness.
 Probably the most prolific book that I have ever read. Her story is one of struggle and survival. I have read this book at least 10 times over the years, and it always takes my breath away. She was the daughter of a military leader in Morocco who tried to overthrow the king. After the failed attempt, she and her family were put in jail for almost 15 years, and they had no contact with the outside world. They were able to dig a tunnel out of jail using a spoon and a sardine can lid. If you have not read this book, you must pick it up and read it today.
 Finally, this book was aggressive and powerful. It is in your face and unapologetic. I read this book back in graduate school and it opened up my eyes to the freedom I have in Christ.

There are many many more books that I love and will read over and over again, but these are the ones that I cherish, and have changed me. They have changed how I see the world and how I feel about the world.

Your turn. What books do you love? What books have changed you and impacted you?


Brooke said...

beyond the Bible, i've never read any of those. looks like i've got some catching up to do!

Denise said...

ditto - these are powerful books!