Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday confessions

1. I bashed my cart into a woman at the grocery store. Hard.

2. My dog sits on my pillow right before bed and it does not bother me.

3. My boss got a new desk chair and I thought it was ugly. I told him 1984 called and wanted their chair back. He refuses to use it now.

4. I barge in on P while he goes to the restroom.

Fess up peeps.


Denise said...

yeah, we have an open door policy around here as far as the bathroom is concerned - although, with teenagers it is changing but they still barge in on me!!

happy friday :)

P (clean pillow) said...

Actually what you did not clarify is that your dogs anus is on your pillow and you are fine with that. I think you have the first signs of worms on your neck.

DailyVacation said...

yesterday my entire lunch was a quarter pound of deli sliced American cheese and dill pickles...mmmmm... not even a pregnant thing cause I've done this before I was pregnant :P

lesley: the dream tree said...

haha, that's exactly what my dog does and it doesn't bother me either. he's 110 lbs and sleeps with us so our bed is covered in black dog hair and i'm ok with that. is that gross?!

Brooke said...

my confession - i am completely repulsed by your dog-butt-pillow confession. i'm not sure we can still be friends.

okay, so we can. but if i ever come for a visit and sleep over i'm bringing my own pillow.

~Carla~ said...

Sorry but ROTFL @ Brooke! I'd bring my own pillow too. :P